We are pleased to announce the following speakers have been confirmed for COMS 2018.

Full session details will be made available during the summer.


Title / Topic

Dr. Hebab Quazi, Director, MARTECH International Inc. Commercializing Nanotechnology
Dr. Aard Groen, Director School of Entrepreneurship, University Gronigen IoT, Additive Manufacturing and Emerging Markets
Dr. Bidhan Chaudhuri, CTO & Co-Founder, QuantumCyte, Inc. Emerging Technolgy that Enables Truly Personalized Medicine for Every Cancer Patient”
Dr. Regan Stinnett, President & CEO, Quantum Manufacturing Technologies Entrepreneurial Leave Enabling Technology Maturation and Commercialization – Quantum Manufacturing Technologies
Dr. Inder Thukral, CEO, Kognetics, Inc. The IoT Landscape and Commercializing Emerging Technologies
Dr. Steve Walsh, Distignuished Professor, Member Lifetime Service Award for Micro and Nano Commercialization, University of New Mexico Is IoT based Industry 4.0 a fait accompli?
Mr. Roger Grace, President, Roger Grace Associates Commercialization Challenges for Printed, Flexible, Stretchable and Functional Fabric Sensors and Sensor-Based Systems
Mr. Robert Giasolli, CTO, VP R&D, Co-Founder, Cagent Vascular, Inc. Strategies for Getting Through Regulatory and Methods for Commercializing Advanced Technologies – Through the Lens of Two Well-Funded Start-Ups
Dr. Nazrul Islam, Editor in Chief of International Journal of Technology and Intelligence Planning, Univerisity of Exeter Collaboration in Emerging Technologies and Innovative Readiness Levels
Dr. Matthias Fink, Vice Head of Institute and Professor, Johannes Kepler Univerisity Linz, Institute for Innovation Management, Austria
Institute for International Management Practice, ARU Cambridge, UK
How to Use the ‘Magic Cube’ to Choose from Differing Additive Manufacturing for an Industry 4.0 World
Justin Eisenach, CEO, Bayotech, Inc. Emerging Technology Based Steel Manufacturing
Mr. Dann Bijl, CEO, Smartip, Inc. Atomic Force Microscopy: MEMS and Industry 4.0
Mr. Raghu Kopalle, CEO , ClearStream Technologies ClearStream Technologies and Telehealth in an Industry 4.0 World
Dr. Raj Mahto, Founding Director, Anderson Small Business Institute, University of New Mexico Emerging Technologies, Small Tech, Additive Manufacturing and Innovation in Family Based Firms
Dr. Todd Christenson, Chairman & CTO, HT Micro, Inc. Sensing Architectures for Abundance
Dr. Eric MacDonald, Friedman Chair for Manufacturing, Deputy Editor, Additive Manufacturing, Youngstown State University 3D Printing of Multi-Functional Structures
Dr. Kees Eijkel, Director Strategic Business Development, Univeristy of Twente Photonics and Industry 4.0
Ms. Christine M. Reilley, Business Development Director, Healthcare, ASME The Role of Verification and Validation of Models and Simulations in Regulatory Submissions
Mr. Jason Strauss, President & CEO, Lobo Eneregy Inc. Emerging Technology, Energy and Facilities in Industry 4.0
Dr. Allen Roach, Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories Using additive manufacturing to change the engineering design & qualification paradigm in component design & manufacturing
Dr. Don Arnone, CEO, TeraView Ltd. Challenges of Introducing New Technologies / Products into a Large Comapny Manufacturing Environment
Dr. Phil Taday, TeraView Ltd. Using THz frequencies to Improve Manufacturing Quality
Dr. Mike McRae, SensoDx Application of AI and Deep Learning for Extracting Information from Complex Health Data
Dr. Bob Mehalso, Founder, Microtec Associates The Pathway for Emerging Product Commercialization
Dr. Ralph Ford, Chancellor, Penn State Erie Innovative Methods in Addressing Barriers to Commercialization
Dr. Uli Lemmer, Institute Director, KIT, Innovation Lab – Heidelberg Digitally Printed Optoelectronic Devices and Systems
Dr. Martin Hermatschweiler, CEO, Nanoscribe, Inc. 3D printing of microscale parts for prototyping, tooling and production
Dr. Tony Redondo, Division Leader, Feynman Center for Innovation , Los Alamos National Laboratory TBA (in lab commercialization)
Dr. Ahmed Busnaina, WL Smith Chair and Distinguished Professor, Director, Northeastern U., NSF Nanoscale Science & Engineering Center TBA (in nanomanufacturing)
Dr. Srinivas Tadigadapa, Chairman, ECE, Northeastern U. TBA (in printed electronics/sensors commercialization)
Jaye Tyler, President & CEO, Si-Cal Technologies, Inc. TBA (in functional printing commercialization)
Rick Russell, President, Minerva Neurosciences, Inc. TBA (in registration of biosensors through FDA)
David Tolfree, Mancef The Building of Smart Cities with New Emergent Technologies
Biba Visnjicki, Fraunhofer NL Challenges of I4.0 in industry and the role of Fraunhofer
Dr. Georges Kotrotsios, VP, Business Development, CSEM TBA (in Commercialization of Emerging Technologies)
Dr. Alain-Serge Porret, CSEM TBA (in Sensor Networks and Data Analytics)
Philipp Schmid, CSEM TBA (in Collaborative Robots / Future of Robotics)
Alexander Steinecker, CSEM TBA (in Collaborative Robots / Future of Robotics)
Prof. Carlos Pena, HEIG-VD Leveraging the power of machine learning on genomics: Its role in the development of precision therapies against multi-resistant bacteria
Dr Rafał Walczak, Wrocław University of Technology
Faculty of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics
3D/4D printing of MEMS – SWOT analysis of emerging technique.