Emilie Jolivet

Division Director, Semiconductor & Software; Yole Development


Analysis Of Factors Delaying Commercialization In Semiconductor Industry


Barriers to commercialization in semiconductor are diverse and deserve full analysis to be understood and anticipated in the steps of development and commercialization of one product. Technology and its maturity is often considered as the weak link but there are multiple other factors to be taken into account.
Through three business cases, Yole will illustrate types of factor that are delaying placing products on the market.

Artificial Intelligence is forcing semiconductor players to change their strategy, the border between hardware and software is getting blurred. Some software maker who find value in their products only when bounded to sensors makers making software almost impossible to sell directly, oftenly ending by the acquisition by IC and device makers.

Compound semiconductors, such as silicon carbide or gallium nitiride, are long coming to the power market even though they are expected, the availability of substrate and a few other factors will be detailed in the presentation.
The embedded die package which is substrate based is facing some difficulties to enter the automotive business even though several strong European players (AT&S, Würth Electronik, …) are involved, even though this type of package is offering unique performance. The supply chain that is not settup yet, the level of maturity of the package that is still low will be shown in the presentation.


Emilie Jolivet is Director of the Semiconductor & Software Division at Yole Développement, part of Yole Group of Companies, where her specific interests cover package & assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, memory and software & computing fields.
Based on her valuable experience in the semiconductor industry, Emilie manages the expansion of the technical and market expertise of the Semiconductor and Software Team. The team interacts daily with leading companies allowing semiconductor & software analysts to collect a large amount of data and integrate their understanding of the evolution of the market with technology breakthroughs.
In addition, Emilie’s mission focusses on the management of business relationships with semiconductor leaders and the development of market research and strategy consulting activities inside the Yole group.

Emilie Jolivet holds a Master’s degree in Applied Physics specializing in Microelectronics from INSA (Toulouse, France). After an internship in failure analysis at Freescale (France), she was an R&D engineer for seven years in the photovoltaic business where she co-authored several scientific articles. Enriched by this experience, she graduated with an MBA from IAE Lyon and then joined EV Group (Austria) as a business development manager in 3D & Advanced Packaging before joining Yole Développement in 2016. Emilie Jolivet is Director of the Semiconductor & Software Division at Yole Développement, where her specific interests cover package & assembly and substrates, semiconductor manufacturing, memory and software & computing fields.