*** KEYNOTE Speaker ***

Dr. Eric Moore

Director, University College Cork; Academic Member, Tyndall National Institute

Republic of Ireland

Innovative Approaches Towards Commercialisation of Integrated Smart Systems


Supporting Electronic Smart Systems (ESS) in Europe and providing access to a cooperative network of advanced research and development capabilities is often challenging especially when progressing towards commercialisation and addressing new markets for SMEs. In the H2020 project SMARTER-Si a Cooperative Foundry Model (CFM) was piloted where SMEs applied for Application Experiments (AEs) to access Building Blocks (BBs) of technology from several Research Technology Organisations (RTOs) in Europe. The idea was to leverage technology at higher TRLs (6 and above), to use these BBs and integrate to create new smart systems that could be tested to address new potential markets etc. In this paper several examples of these types of AEs will be presented in order to showcase the value of such collaboration using the CFM approach. The H2020 CSA inSSIght project is also presented and the impact of the efforts of such projects like SMARTER-Si is discussed in particular around the establishment of a dedicated trademark for ESS, "Smart Systems Integrated®". The Collective European Union Trademark is an excellent tool to give visibility to Smart Systems, and to promote European organisations (often SMEs) that develop smart systems. Moving towards commercialisation of ESS and integrated smart systems may be more feasible as more structures and opportunities start to overcome previous challenges.

Eric Moore1 and Petra Weiler2
1. Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
2. VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Berlin, Germany


Dr Eric Moore heads a research group at University College Cork focused on bio/sensing and separation and is also an academic member at Tyndall National Institute. His current principle research activities are focused on the development and application of smart integrated bio/sensor microsystem platforms and bioanalytical technologies.