*** KEYNOTE Speaker ***

Dr. Nico de Rooij

Professor Emeritus EPFL; previous Vice-President, CSEM SA


Opportunities and Challenges of MEMS in an Increasingly Connected World


An overview will be given of past R&D activities at EPFL’s SAMLAB and at CSEM SA focusing on product innovation exploiting MEMS as the key technology. In particular, examples will be presented from a variety of applications dealing with life sciences, communication technology, advanced instrumentation, space, environmental monitoring and luxury goods. It will be demonstrated that MEMS has allowed successful product innovations.


Nico de Rooij is professor emeritus of EPFL. He was director of the Institute of Microengineering of EPFL, as well as head of the Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Laboratory (SAMLAB) of the same Institute. He was also vice-president of CSEM SA and head of the Microsystems Technology Division. His research activities include the design, micro fabrication and application of miniaturized silicon-based sensors, actuators, and microsystems. He has authored and co-authored over 300 published journal papers. He has supervised and co-supervised more than 70 PhD students.

Nico de Rooij is Fellow of the IEEE and Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK). He is recipient of the IEEE Jun-Ichi Nishizawa Gold Medal, the Schlumberger Prize, as well as the MNE Fellow Award 2016. He was awarded a Visiting Investigatorship Program (VIP) in MEMS/NEMS Systems by A*STAR Science and Engineering Council (SERC), Singapore and hosted by SIMTech for the period 2005-2008.