*** KEYNOTE Speaker ***

Mr. Alain le Loux

MSc. MBA; Partner, Cottonwood Technology Fund

The Netherlands

Valorisation: from innovation to a successful startup


Valorisation of high-tech technologies and inventions is quite difficult and many times underestimated and not successful. What are the main challenges for bringing technologies to the market and how to avoid failures? What are the do’s and don’ts in valorisation and creation of startups. The presentation will provide the top-10 reasons why startups fail and will give recommendations to increase success.


Alain le Loux MSc. MBA has 20+ years’ experience in Technology on board level positions and as CEO of startups. Alain studied at the technical University of Twente and graduated in 1994 with a double degree. Since 2008 Alain is active as investor and coach in the field of high-tech startups and valorisation of technologies. In 2010 Alain was one of the founders of the European Accelerator Program for the European Institute for Technology and Innovation and coached more than 200 high-tech startups in Europe. Alain also worked for accelerator Novel-T of the University of Twente whereas Alain brought more than 100 technologies to the market. Alain has a huge network and direct access to lots of corporates and worked in all relevant ecosystems in Europe (Paris, Berlin, London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Leuven, Munich, etc.). Currently Alain is partner of early stage venture capital fund Cottonwood Technology Fund. Alain is expert in strategy, marketing, product launching, pricing and international business acceleration. Alain graduated in 2001 cum laude for an Executive MBA at Business School Nederland.