Mr. Robert Giasolli

CTO, VP R&D, Co-Founder, Cagent Vascular, Inc.

United States

Strategies for getting through regulatory and methods for commercializing advance technologies - Through the lens of two well-funded start-ups.


Since 2008 Mr Giasolli has co-founded and worked as the CTO and VP of R&D for three biomedical companies. All three companies started from back of the napkin concepts and each developed into niche products that have collectively raised over $100M. Mr Giasolli moved these concepts through all stages of development and has learned valuable lessons regarding preparation for funding, regulatory oversight, and establishing a defensible IP position. In this talk Mr Giasolli offers insights into his experiences on how he and his 2 partners have built their companies including where to spend resources and how to get through reviews from regulators, investors, and potential strategic acquirers.


Robert Giasolli is co-founder, Vice President of Research and Development, and Chief Technology Officer of Cagent Vascular. He received his Masters in Manufacturing Systems from the Louisiana Tech University in May 1998, where his thesis focus on designing MEMS devices for manufacturability, packaging, and testing. Robert’s technology expertise includes endovascular medical device design, as well as endovascular disease progression, complexity, and methods for disease mitigation. His role as CTO spans technology and intellectual property strategy, technical marketing, fundraising, and business development for advanced projects.

Robert has authored more than 100 papers, patents, and patents pending in the fields endovascular device design and method of controlling complex vascular diseases. He co-edited MANCEF’s “The Pharmaceutical Landscape Tool” and “International Micro-Nano Roadmap” 2nd Edition, and is an accomplished author on MEMS including focuses on HARMs and MEMS design. He was awarded Investment of the Year in 2009, by the Hawaii Angels. His technology has been featured in over 50 conferences and in over 10 industry magazines since 2010. He has sat as an elected member on numerous Corporate and Industry Boards. Was a Commissioner for the Commission on Dental Accreditation for 4 years, sat as an external advisor to Purdue’s Discovery Learning Center, Albuquerque Technical Institute, and is currently sitting on the ASME Bio Engineering Technology Advisory Panel.

Robert graduated in 1989 from University of Texas with a Sc.B. in Applied Physics with an Engineering Minor. He then spent a year traveling as professional Mime Artist and was honored to have spent a Summer learning under Marcel Marceau.