Dr. Frederic Loizeau

Business Development Manager, CSEM SA


How Can MEMS Technologies Support SMES' Innovation?


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, are now ubiquitous in our daily life. Dozens of them improve the safety of our cars or influence how we interact with smart phones or connected objects. It seems however that only large companies so far benefit from those microsystems. While it is true that large volume markets, such as automotive or mobile phones, take advantage of the economy of scale, can MEMS technologies also support SMEs with niche applications where only a few thousand of components are needed? Given access to a MEMS foundry and its tools, can watchmakers revolutionize mechanical watches with new materials and components? Given the right MEMS component, can an SME producing only a few hundreds of vibration sensors per year disrupt its market? Through a couple of stories and examples, I will argue that this is indeed possible with the right collaboration, partners, and environment.


Dr. Frédéric Loizeau is Business & Technology Development Manager for the Micro&Nano Systems Division at CSEM. Frédéric Loizeau earned his PhD at EPFL, during which he developed silicon-based sensors for non-invasive screening of lung cancer through breath analysis. He then pursued a postdoctoral research at Stanford University before joining the company Sensirion near Zürich where he supported Sensirion’s key customers in the medical field. His role at CSEM focuses on developing partnerships to transfer mature technologies to the industry and identify key enabling technologies for the future.