Dr. Mike McRae

Founder & Consultant, Custom Diagnostic Solutions, LLC SensoDx,Inc.

United States

Opportunities and Challenges for the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care


Recent developments and renewed interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are creating new opportunities for a variety of commercial applications. These tools are particularly promising for the health care industry where machine learning applications have the potential to improve patient outcomes, streamline practitioner workflow, and reduce costs. The AI health market is seeing explosive growth and is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021. Despite enormous potential, several challenges are associated with bringing AI technology to market, including rigorous clinical validation, industry conservatism, high regulatory barriers, and competitive talent acquisition.
With nearly 70% of all medical decisions based on diagnostic test results, pathology is an area of high impact for AI applications. Commercial applications that integrate AI with diagnostic capabilities will be uniquely positioned in this growing market to improve both diagnostic performance and pathologist efficiency.
The SensoDx technology combines novel chem- and biosensing capabilities with machine learning algorithms to provide intuitive indices across several major diseases. This ultra-flexible platform is being adapted to perform “cytology on a chip” to provide dental practitioners and oral pathologists with simple, automated, and quantitative tools with AI capabilities as an adjunctive aid in assessing suspicious oral lesions. With the largest cytology clinical study ever completed in this area, AI applications have been developed to detect early oral cancer disease progression.
This talk will review opportunities and challenges for AI in healthcare, and the SensoDx oral cancer application now in development will be featured as an emerging AI technology example.


Michael McRae is a data scientist and bioengineer with a focus on the development of artificial intelligent (AI) biosensors, the commercialization of point-of-care diagnostics, improving clinical decision making, establishing efficient and automated workflows, and reducing health care costs.

Michael is currently a consultant for SensoDx and is developing AI technologies for the assessment of oral cancer progression in potentially malignant oral lesions. He is also a consultant for clients seeking to develop AI capabilities and is the founder of Custom Diagnostic Solutions, LLC—an in vitro diagnostic reader company.

Michael received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Rice University where he developed a point-of-care device for multiplexed cardiac biomarkers and machine learning algorithms for early and late-stage cardiac disease progression. His work involving the integration of biosensor instrumentation and clinical predictive modeling helped lay the foundation for the company SensoDx.

He previously spent 3 years at NASA Glenn Research Center and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute where he developed risk scores for 12 medical events that astronauts may encounter en route to Mars.