Dr. Bidhan Chaudhuri

CTO & Co-Founder, Quantumcyte, Inc.

United States

Emerging Technology that Enables Truly Personalized Medicine for Every Cancer Patient


Cancer diagnosis and treatment has kept pace with modern science and has progressed from the purely surgical, such as radical mastectomies, to more refined treatments that include a deep understanding of the genetic origin and heterogeneity of cancer. Each seminal progress in science has been accompanied by innovations in engineering and instrumentation that bring the science to the patients and the medical team, for example the evolution of genetic biomarkers was enabled by affordable and accessible gene sequencing machines. Today we see remarkable progress being made in the understanding of a patient’s spatial and cellular heterogeneity of the tumor that will require innovations in tools and platforms to bring this promise of truly personalized medicine to the masses – by making it both accessible and affordable.

This new generation of cancer treatment will be able to leverage new advances in automation, image processing, AI/ML for automated analysis and new, enhanced abilities to handle and process large sets of data and data security. Quantumcyte joins this effort by enabling a technological platform that allows for new advances in molecular analysis by enabling vastly multiplexed, multi-dimensional analysis, phenotypic and genotypic, at a resolution of a few cells to a single cell - across the whole tumor profile per patient, thus making it accessible and affordable to enable truly personalized medicine.


Bidhan’s background is in Engineering, with a PhD in Material Science and MEMS. He has brought several products from concept to high volume manufacturing. His expertise includes optical components to semiconductor processors while at Intel, to developing and transferring new solar processes for Hanwah Solar, from R&D in the US to factories in China. While at Pacific Biosciences, Bidhan was in charge of developing the SMRT chip, taking it from concept to high volume production. Most recently he was Engineering Manager at Intel in charge of developing the new 3D RealSense technology and moving it into manufacturing. As co-founder and CTO of Quantumcyte, he brings his passion and expertise in developing new products towards improving the treatment for cancer patients.