Dr. Biba Visnjicki

Director Business Development, Fraunhofer Project Center

The Netherlands

Challenges of Industry 4.0 in Industry and the Role of Fraunhofer


Industry 4.0 is not just automation. It is a new level of organization and control over the entire value chain of the life cycle of products and is geared towards increasingly individualized customer requirements. The basis for the Industry 4.0 is the availability of all relevant information in real time by connecting all instances involved in the value chain. The ability to derive the optimal value-added flow at any time from the data is vital.

The connection of people, things and systems creates dynamic, self-organizing, real-time optimized value-added system within and across companies is the core of the new production environment.

Challenges within todays Industry are optimum usage of the ocean of data, development and re-design of production system and re-configuration of the value chains. Impact of new environmental regulations, customer centricity and the need for speed amongst many others, forces industry to look for different operational excellence models, business models and organizational profiles.

Fraunhofer, the largest applied research organization in Europe, with 72 institutes and project centers, is supporting industries in application develop and implementation, builds demonstrators and incubators for next generation manufacturing technologies and systems. The recent developments will be presented.


Over the last decade dr. Biba Visnjicki has supported companies world-wide in their strategy, business development and was frequently building and steering national and international innovation teams.

She started her professional career in Serbia as a product and business developer. In 1998 she become regional Managing Director of Mobile Oil for the former Yugoslavia region. After finishing her PhD studies in The Netherlands, she has focused on developing her competencies and skills in the domains of strategy, business development, analytics and methodologies and tools for effective realisation of strategy and innovation.

Since beginning of 2017 dr. Visnjicki, as Director Business Development, is responsible for the positioning and development of the Fraunhofer Project Center in the Netherlands with a strong focus on Industry 4.0. solutions.