Mr. Ferruccio Bottoni, CEO & Mr. Andrea Rusconi-Clerici, CTO

USound, GmbH


Challenging the Audio Market with MEMS Micro Speaker Technology


USound GmbH is challenging the status quo of the $10B micro-acoustic market with a silicon MEMS micro speaker technology which has significant potential for earphones, AR glasses, and VR/Gaming headphones.

The key to generating high sound pressure levels in small tiny form factors is to generate large forces and elongations in a linear way. USound has leveraged the advent of thin film piezoceramics with high piezo coefficients to break the barrier which previously challenged MEMS micro speakers. What the emergence of LED meant for optics, MEMS technology will mean for acoustics.

The MEMS motor uses multiple, connected piezoelectric actuators, and is faster and more precise than traditional VCM technology. This produces deep, precise bass and crisp, clear treble in earphones with a single transducer. And because USound’s micro speakers are based on planar technology, we can produce outstanding audio quality in a tiny form factor - only 6.7x4.7x1.5mm.


Ferruccio Bottoni
Ferruccio Bottoni is USound’s CEO and has almost 20 years of experience in Semiconductor and MEMS industry. He started in 1995 at STMicroelectronics working on the Flash Memories. Subsequently he joined Robert Bosch GmbH in 1999 were he contributed to the ramp-up of MEMS in the automotive markets. He finally joined Sensordynamics in 2009 as VP operations and he has retained this position until 2013. During his career, Ferruccio has covered several positions Quality and Reliability Engineer, Process Manufacturing Manager, Technical Purchasing Manager and VP Operations.

Andrea Rusconi-Clerici
Andrea Rusconi Clerici holds the position of CTO at USound. He has 10+ years technical experience in the MEMS industry having covered several engineering and management positions in R&D, product development, manufacturing engineering and operations. He has experience in research (Fraunhofer Institute), large companies (STMicroelectronics, Maxim Integrated) and start-up (Sensordynamics). At STMicroelectronics he was a key player for realizing the impressive MEMS business growth from scratch to 250M$/Y in 5 years; achievements ranged from new technologies IP and development to product families mass production.