Dr. Georges Kotrotsios

Vice President Business Development, CSEM SA


Edge Computing


Data extraction, collection, transmission, processing and, finally, exploitation use valuable resources (energy, bandwidth, storage space, footprint). Today, these resources are considered to be infinite. However, as petabytes are expected to emerge from all kind of sources (sensors, documents, images) in shorter and shorter time intervals, this situation might become unsustainable. Local treatment of data, commonly labelled as Edge computing (that might understand operations like data cleansing, formatting and processing, even quite advanced processing) might be more and more necessary before transmitting the appropriate information to the cloud.
Edge computing will require systems, mainly MEMS systems, to be ultraminiaturized (to allow high number of information sources), with considerable degree of intelligence (to perform the data processing, formatting, cleansing, etc..) and autonomous (to make them viable on the point of view of logictics, if one wants to avoid the cost of simple operations as battery monitoring and exchange). In parallel such systems need to be versatile (to accommodate for every type of measurand); versatility means increased packaging capabilities of a large variety of sensors (physical or chemical) with more streamlined processing and communicating capabilities.
Therefore fast customisation (eg. different type of MEMS or other type of sensors, beyond the large scale productions of streamlined devices like accelerometers or pressure sensors) and flexible integration are going to be key requirements for successful commercialisation of the “things” of the IoT that will produce more and more Smart Data. It is important to understand the importance of the need for this shift towards such ultraminiaturized, low cost, autonomous, versatile systems to facilitate the creation of value chains necessary for efficient commercialisation.


George Kotrotsios is member of the Executive Board of CSEM, a major Swiss R&I facility in microelectronics, nanotechnology and photovoltaics. He is charge of commercialization of Research and to optimize the usefulness of the R&D for the industry. For 2016 and 2012 he chaired the Alliance of Fraunhofer, CEA-LETI, VTT and CSEM on Smart Systems (HTA). He is Vice Chairman of Board of Directors of CSEM do Brazil and member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, Satw.ch. For the last 10 years he was member of the Executive Board of EARTO, the European Association of Research Organizations.