Dr. David Tolfree

VP, Mancef

United Kingdom

The Building of Smart Cities with New Emergent Technologies


Humanity faces many challenges. For the first time, we possess the knowledge and technology to meet these challenges. The greatest challenge is creating a sustainable living environment to accommodate an increasing global population while utilising technological advances to improve the standard of living and bring abundance to everyone. Generally, the world is experiencing a period of extreme urbanization due to population movement into cities to find work. According to experts who have studied the consequence of these statistics, future cities will account for nearly 90% of global population growth, 80% of wealth creation and 60% of total energy consumption. Therefore it is a global imperative to develop the best strategy for the creation of new types of cities. However, unlike past ad-hoc developments, any new planning strategy must be flexible to allow for technological change and adaptation. The key issue facing developers of smart cities is integrating all technologies to provide a sustainable, acceptable living and working environment.

In this talk all these aspects will be reviewed. Examples will be given of some existing smart cities, including one in South Korea and plans for new ones that will be designed to accommodate autonomous transport systems and intelligent manufacturing.


David Tolfree is currently the MANCEF Vice President. He is a professional physicist with over forty years’ research and managerial experience, much of which was for the commercial exploitation of emerging technologies. He is also writer with 172 publications, including newspaper, magazine and journal articles and books. He has given interviews on television and radio on micro-nanotechnologies, and is an editor and reviewer for a number of related scientific journals. He currently serves on the editorial Advisory Board of the International Commercial Micro Manufacturing Magazine.