Justin Eisenach

CEO, Bayotech, Inc.

United States

Emerging Technology Based Steel Manufacturing


"Emerging Technology Based Steel Manufacturing" aims to develop a transformational technology for producing hydrogen combined with a novel ironmaking process based on the direct reduction of iron concentrate, with the ultimate objective of significantly increasing energy productivity and reducing CO2 emissions versus the blast furnace ironmaking. Thus, the objective of the emerging technology is to assess a pathway to utilizing hydrogen in an industrial novel ironmaking technology, thereby achieving transformative changes in steelmaking and hydrogen production both of which make up huge industries. Bayotech’s Nested-Flow Technology will be the hydrogen production process to be tested in this project. This technology, based on a DOE patented Bayonet technology that BayoTech has licensed, and has follow-on patents improves the energy efficiency of hydrogen production from natural gas from today’s 63-73% energy efficiency to 90%. Flash ironmaking technology (FIT) is a novel process that directly reduces fine iron concentrates to primary iron. Economic assessment of commercial production has shown potential reduction in energy consumption by 7.0 GJ/ton iron from the 12.7 GJ/ton for the blast furnace process, and greatly reduced environmental emissions. Early proof of concept goals includes the confirmation of efficient hydrogen production in commercial scales, and detailed results of comprehensive trials of hydrogen-based Flash Ironmaking Process. The particular aspects of reduction of energy-related emissions and improvement of energy efficiency by both the technologies in the large, industrial scales can have major impacts on steel production and the steel industry.


CEO of BayoTech Inc., a Chemical Reactor Manufacturing Company utilizing technology developed and licensed from Sandia National Labs located in Albuquerque, NM, Mr. Eisenach is an experienced CEO with a proven track record in building successful companies in agriculture and food based industries. He spends his time in both Colorado and New Mexico. His wife Robyn is joining him on his trip to Switzerland. The company has received investment from leading venture capital firms and recently signed a strategic agreement with a large fertilizer company.