*** KEYNOTE Speaker ***

Dr. Steven Walsh

Distinguished Professor, University of New Mexico

United States

IoT, I4.0, Photonics and Emerging Markets


Emerging markets traditionally have not embraced emerging technologies neither as a manufacturing and new product development center nor as user of the advanced products they technologies developed. That is until I4.0, a new Schumpeterian wave, that is being fueled for the first time by service product-based technologies where exceptional infrastructure cost no longer apply. Further, emerging markets have in many cases both the technological expertise in photonics, IoT infrastructure and other IoT infrastructure technology and enough infrastructure capital to embrace the IoT emerging technology base with its drastically reduce cost to enter the emerging technology product development base. Here we review a number of successful and unsuccessful firm entries into IoT based products focused on emerging markets. We offer our results by providing a successful business model paradigm.
Dr. Yorgos D. Marinakis, Dr. Inder Thukral, Makarand Pandey, Aard Groen & *Dr. Steven Walsh


Steve is a "Distinguished Professor" and the Creative enterprise professor at UNM’s Anderson School of Management. He serves as the director of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program and is the concentration director for MOT program and ETM program and as the PI of the proposed Masters of Science for Project Controls, Project Management and Program Management. He holds many business service awards including the lifetime achievement award for commercialization of Micro and Nano technology firms from MANCEF and UNM Anderson’s service award. He is recognized as one of top seven researchers worldwide in Technology and Innovation Management in the world and one of the top 5 researchers in Technology Entrepreneurship over the past 15 years. He earned his Ph.D. from RPI. He has also written over 200 archival academic and practitioner articles, books and book chapters. He currently provides a column for an emerging technology focused (IoT, MEMS and Nanotechnology) am industrial journal named Commercial Micro Manufacturing International.

He was a manager at a division of a fortune 500 firm, a project and program manager and General Manager of a small and Medium enterprise. He is also a serial entrepreneur and has helped to attract tens of millions of dollars to firms where he was either a founder, president and or vice president. He has been involved mainly in the emerging technology commercialization space professionally. More specifically he initially focused on semiconductor materials, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, and Pheromones. During the last twenty years he has focused his efforts on technology project management and commercialization of emerging technologies like Micro, Nano, biotechnologies, Additive Manufacturing and IoT. He is the president of Janus Ventures Inc. a consulting firm.

He is the chair of the Trillion Sensor Systems group and is focused on infrastructure development. He consults to firms in this space on IoT systems as well as the use of Additive manufacturing in high consequence industries.