COMS High Tech Entrepreneurial Workshop
Monday Sept. 24th 2018 – Montreux, Switzerland

COMS features a boot camp specifically targeted to meet the needs of early-stage, high-tech entrepreneurial efforts to develop and commercialize emerging technologies.

Date:  Monday, September 24

Fee:   CHF 200.-   (additionally 1 person must also be registered for COMS 2018 conference).

This boot camp is an informal, intimate setting where new startups pitch their idea to an audience of seasoned entrepreneurs, economic development professionals and venture capitalists, and receive practical advice and constructive feedback.

The top entry will receive the Young Technology Award Jury Prize.


We take pleasure in accepting your proposal to attend the High Tech entrepreneurial workshop being conducted in Montreux in Suisse Majestic Grand Hotel in conjunction with COMS 2018.  The workshop itself will have a very limited number of participating companies.  This is focused on nascent and early stage high tech entrepreneurial efforts.  Each year that this activity has been held registrants have gone on to either gain funding or to have an exit opportunity.  We have assisted in the firm formation and development process with a series of successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial team trainers.

The workshop is specifically targeted to meet the needs of firms engaged in developing emerging technologies in order to provide superior solutions to commercial problems.  Dr. Aard Groen, Dr. Todd Christenson, Dr. Kees Eijkel, Dr. Bob Giasoili, Dr. Job Elders, Dr. Regan Stinnet, Dr. Bob Mehalso, Dr. Roger Grace, and Dr. Steven Walsh are the mentors.  This is a team of experienced successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, economic development professionals, entrepreneurial researchers and venture funders assisting this year.  We need you to prepare for the conference workshop by doing the following 4 things.


1)  In order to be eligible for consideration a firm must provide a two page executive summary describing what:

  • Your Company’s product or service and the problem it solves.
  • Target customers and potential distribution channels.
  • Your distinct advantage in the competitive environment.
  • Your team and their qualifications.

2)  Select your top 2 topics from list below

Topic areas include but may not be limited to:

1)     Understanding and bounding a commercially important problem. 

a.     The role of drivers rather than markets in this process. 
b.     Concept to commercialization versus problem to product.

2)     How to manage value creation versus cash flow

a.     Marketing a company versus marketing a product. 

3)     A good opportunity does not make it necessarily a good opportunity for you

a.     Team, qualifications & examples Eclipse, Dosimetrix, Coke, Corning

4)     Understanding profitability with radical and incremental innovation

a.     Both provide value great potential but need differing techniques

5)     Create your current value proposition

a.     recognizing the technological, market or transactional  opportunity
b.     or a combination of above

6)     Operational and the question of a portfolio entrepreneur

a.    Firm and Industrial Value chain issues (Open Innovations) and firm innovation process

7)     Scaling

a.    How to, when to and why


3.  Prepare a 10-minute presentation on your firm

4.  Send your material to Todd Christenson via Email.


Workshop Program

Time:     9 AM to 5 PM

Where:   Suisse Majestic Grand Hotel, Montreux

The workshop is developed in 7 segments

1) Roger Grace  9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
2) 2-minute Company Presentations
      a.    Mentors assigned
 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
3) Q & A over Lunch   11:30 AM to 12:50 PM
4) Dr. Todd Christensen, Dr. Aard Groen & Dr. Steven Walsh
      Pitching, Scaling, strategizing
1:00 PM to 12:40 PM 

5) Experts address questions in groups
      Our group of Mentors will be working with each company

 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

6) Company ten minute presentations
     Our groups of instructors will take the comments from the turned in      
     presentations and assist each firm to improve

 3:00 – 4:00 PM
7) 2 Minute Presentations    4:00 PM – 5:00PM 

Presenters and Mentors

  • Roger Grace
    • Serial entrepreneur, Past President, MANCEF, Founder of Roger Grace Associates , Emergent technology commercialization scholar,  marketing emerging technology emerging firms for 40 years
  • Dr. Robert Mehalso
    • President of New Hill Management LLC, co-founder of Ardesta, Serial entrepreneur and Board member of MANCEF
  • Mr. Ray Quintana
    • General Partner for Cottonwood
    • Ray is an investment professional with 20+ years experience in global technology assessment, corporate venturing and venture capital investment. He was previously partner and principal investor with Ascendant Global Technology & Total Media Ventures.
  • Dr. Todd Christenson
    • Serial Entrepreneur and former Principal member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories; Founder, CTO Chairman HT Micro
  • Dr. Steven Walsh
    • Serial entrepreneur: Director of the Technology Entrepreneurship UNM, member MANCEF
    • Winner of numerous service awards to industry, government and academia.  He has been ranked in the top 10 researchers on Technology Entrepreneurship and the top 10 researchers in management of technology and innovation.
    • Creative Enterprise and Distinguished Professor at University of New Mexico.
  • Mr. Bob Giasolli
    • Serial entrepreneur, CTO, VP R&D and co-fo8under Cagent Vascular Inc.
  • Dr. Kees Eijkel
    • Emergent technology commercialization specialists, expert in regional entrepreneurial ecosystem development, fund advisor
  • Regan Stinnett
    • Serial entrepreneur, former member of technical staff Sandia National Laboratory, Founder of the US student based (NINE) Nanotechnology education outreach program
  • Dr. Aard Groen
    • Dean of Joint University of Groningen- Twente entrepreneurship program, Creator of Venture lab, Institute professor at Twente, expert in technology firm growth


Thank you
Dr. Steven Walsh